Speaker for the Dead

Monday, February 16, 2009

Favorite and least fav. parts

My favorite part of the book is the end where all the questions are being answered, and the conflicts between the Congress and the colony, the piggies and the humans, and the hive queen and Ender are being solved.

My least favorite part of the book was the first one hundred or so pages. This part was really boring, and was really hard to understand.

I would recomend this book to anyone who liked the first Ender books, and anyone who enjoys sci-fi in general. It is a good read and a good plot.

Character and Archetypal Analysis

There are many archetypal characters and settings.

First, we will look at Andrew Wiggin. This Ender is very different than the innocent we saw in Enders Game. He is a hero for his actions in the bugger wars, but also a villain for destroying the buggers. As a speaker for the dead, he is a sage. Because he was taken from his parents at a young age, he is also an orphan. While he is a composite character, he is ultimately a hero.

Next is Novinha. Her parents died from a disease when she was young, making her an orphan. This is something she and Ender have in common. To her children, she is at first seen as the wicked stepmom. To Libo, she is the lover. To her self though, she is the villain, blaming herself for the deaths of Pipo and Libo.

Jane is Enders computer. While she is obviously a sage due to her vast knowledge, she is also a friend to Ender, and later Miro.

Novinhas children are all innocents, and in a way, orphans, because their father is dead, and their mother ignores them. Miro, the oldest child, is a lover to Oluanda, and a seeker, trying to discover the secrets of the piggies. Ela the ruler among the children, and a friend to Ender.

The piggies as a whole are innocents, even though they killed Pipo and Libo. Also, they are seekers. To the Humans, they are majicians due to their strange customs.

There are alot of other characters, but these are minor pieces in the plot, and therefore not relevant for analysis.


In the last pages, Andrew Wiggins identity as the murderer of the buggers is revealed. Now, Ender has decoded the secrets of the piggies, and knows their desire to spread their civilization throughout the universe, like the humans.

The humans, piggies, and the hive queen form a pact were they will share the planet and eachothers technology. However, in order for this treaty to be complete, Ender must help one of the piggies transfer into the afterlife. To ddo this, he must kill the piggie. At first Ender doesnt want to do it, but he realizes how necessary it is.

After the situation on Lusitania had stablized, Ender put his attention onto finding the hive queen a new home. He and Olhado, one of Novinhas children, helped Ender with his task.
Though the conflicts, Ender and Novinha have been drawn together, and married. Enders sister has even decided to visit him, and possibly even stay on Lusitania. Now, with everything working for the better, the hive queen emerges from her cocoon to feel the warmth of the sun once more.


I chose to link to the Enders Game movie, which would be awsome. I think it would be a big hit. I just hope its not some low budget movie that ruins the chances for a sequel (like Eragon, terrible movie). Although it isnt about Speaker for the Dead, it is about the same main character.

My second link is to a site about the Enders Game books. This is just an interesting site that has some good plot summary and book explanation.

pg 300 plot summary

Because of the actions of Miro and Oluanda, the colony of Lusitania must either rebel from Starways Congress, or turn in Miro and Oluanda. After Ender has spoken the death of Marcaos, Novinhas husband, all of her deepest secrets have been exposed. Although she didnt want anyone to find out about Pipo and Libo, she feels a great relief getting it all out into the open.

Ender has discovered that the species on Lusitania are linked genetically to the plants, and has gone to the piggies rulers, called the wives, to speak with them about this. Miro decided to return to the colony and spread this new finding, but is caught on the electric fence that seperates the piggies and humans. Ender discovered that the piggies thought that the only way for people to go to the afterlife was to kill them, so in killing Pipo and Libo, they were honoring them.

With the secrets of the piggies revealed, only one task remains, to bring the hive queen back.

pg 250 plot summary

This section of the book is mostly about the piggies. We begin to learn more about how the deaths of Pipo and Libo, and also about Novinhas reaserch that she has been trying to keep secret. There are only six species on the planet, and there is no breeding within the species. This has something to do with why the piggies killed the two reaserchers, and Miro, Novinhas son, and Oluanda, Libos daughter, investigate the deaths together.

Miro and Oluanda are introuble with the Starways Congress for introducing technology to the piggies when they were only supposed to observe them. Now, they have violated every rule and brought the Speaker for the Dead to see the piggies. He is answering all their questions, and trying to determine why they killed Pipo and Libo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

pg 200 plot summary

In this section, Ender begins to question the family of Nivinha, and they begin to grow to like him. This upsets Novinha, because they never showed her the same affection they showed this stranger that they hardly even knew. but the children didn't feel that way. the saw that he was healing the pain caused by Marcao, and Novinha and her cold heart.

Now Ender has set up an appointment with Don Cristao, the lead monk at the Children of the Mind of Christ. This is significant because since he arrived, Ender has been in this struggle with the church. But now, the monks seem to trust him and respect his good intentions. this brings up a conflict between the clergy and the monks. During his talk with the monk, Jane, his AI assistant, says something about his sister and he becomes offended. Because of this. he decides to turn off his jewel, which is the way Jane communicates to him. This action shatters Jane's hold on reality, and she has to reestablish her connection with the entire computer network. when she comes back, she refuses to talk to Ender, and starts doing things without permission.

Jane hacks Novinhas secret files, and publishes them to the Starways Congress, who immediately begin to shut down the colony. Ender, who is now on his own, tries to hack Novinhas files, but when she finds out, she turns the whole family against him, and he loses the trust he had worked to gain.

Some of the archetypal events that begin to unfold are as follows. The story so far can be seen as a journey, where the hero and the Innocent children continue learning the secrets of the piggies. the secrets that Ender uncover about Novinha causes the family to look at everything in a different light.

the other archetypal event that can be seen is the rites of initiation between the older children and Novinha.